Partnering with Supplier Diversity Professionals to Leverage Success

Current Organization of Committees

Marketing Committee

Courtney Quenneville - Chair
Brian Moore - Vice Chair


Jacinto Blanco
Cheryl Bowlson
Tanya Cadwell-Murray
Sherry Diccion
Helen Ford
Lisa Loomis


Lillian Lowery
Anand Kumar 
Debra Martin
Ramona Mayberry
Mike Sullivan
Thomas Shipps






The mission of the Marketing Committee is to create and promote the awareness of the Council while ensuring consistent use of its name and logo within the standards set by CSDP.

Professional Development / Program Committee

Therissa Allen - Chair
Lillian Lowery - Vice Chair

Alvin Hills  
Brian Moore  
Brenda Marshall  
Candice Sparkes  
Daniel Muschong  

Jackie Burnley  
John Taylor  
Marcia Hunter  
Simona Rabsatt-Butler  
Teresa LeFevre






The mission of the Program Committee is to develop, plan, and implement the format and content of CSDP meetings. We will create stimulating programs that add value and promote higher learning for CSDP members and address key initiatives impacting supplier diversity professionals.

Membership Committee

Lynn Garrison - Chair
Vacant - Vice-Chair 

Candice Sparkes 
Daryl Scharfenberg 
Eric Glenn
Jennifer Rader 
John Eley 
Lillian Lowery 
Lynn Wilson 

Mary Mbiya 
Ron Ross 
Simona Rabsatt-Butler 
Tammi Hart
* Denisha Greer 
* Dannis Mitchell





* Denotes non-active members.

The mission of the Membership Committee is to proactively drive membership growth, to facilitate the review and approval of guest and membership applications, and to maintain accurate records of CSDP membership.

Finance Committee

Kenneth Doherty – Chair
(Open) - Vice Chair





The mission of the Finance Committee is to ensure the fiscal well being of CSDP by overseeing and administering the financial affairs, including:

  1. Business checking account
  2. Collection and monitoring of annual dues
  3. Maintenance of licensing  status
  4. Reporting of financials at our regular CSDP meetings
  5. Maintenance of 501c6 non-profit tax status.

Technology Committee

Duane M. Green - Chair 
Dan Muschong - Vice Chair


Kenneth Doherty  
Kenneth Gardner
Barbara Morgan

Lisa Ross   
Michael Sullivan




The mission of the Technology Committee is to promote the use of technology to assist membership and committees through identification, recommendation and supporting the overall needs of the CSDP and Supplier Diversity communities.  Additional we will build the CSDP brand via social media platforms  and increase efficiency through addressing challenges and problem resolution to include national/global time zones, cultural components, multiple technologies, and mobile platforms.

Governance Committee

Kenneth Gardner - Chair   
Vacant - Vice-Chair 

Ken Doherty
Helen Ford
Teresa Lefevre




The mission of the Governance Committee is to ensure the long term stability for the Council of Supplier Diversity Professionals; maintain and help implement the Council's Bylaws, oversee and administer the election of the Board and appointment of its Officers. Providing mentoring and insight to the Board, typically the Chair of the governance committee will be a long term standing member of the council.

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Members without current Committee Assignment  

Michael Harris
Donna Meeks

Lisa Wilson